Fiction book based on hosea and gomer

This book is based off the love story from the bible of hosea and gomer. The story of gomer has been performed across the nation, reaching thousands of people with the message of gods faithfulness and love. Francine rivers skillfully retells the biblical love story of gomer and hosea as a tale set against the backdrop of the california gold rush. Redeeming love continues to be one of the christian booksellers associations topselling titles, and it has held a spot on the christian bestsellers list for nearly a decade. The author did a great job of modernizing the bible story in a way that kept the message and spiritual application of the bible story. The nook book ebook of the redeeming love by francine rivers at. May 17, 2010 this is a presentation on the book of hosea in the bible. Oct 04, 2012 a friend of mine shared with me that her pastor taught on hosea and gomer and that she was hoping this was not going to be her situation with her husband. Hosea continues to pursueat times gomer would return to the safety and comfort of hosea but would leave him again. According to the traditional order of most hebrew bibles, it is the first of the twelve minor prophets set around the fall of the northern kingdom of israel, the book of hosea denounces the worship of gods other than yahweh, metaphorically comparing israels abandonment of yahweh to a. Ibd hosea contains 14 chapters that are filled with some of the most powerful truths in all the bible. Because of gomer s unfaithfulness, the prophet divorced his wife and lived apart from her. Redeeming love by francine rivers is a true love story based on hosea and gomer. The children stood in wonder of the way he loved, and gomer too.

Hoseas bride by dorothy clark goodreads share book. Gomer gomer was the wife of the prophet hosea 8th century bc, mentioned in the hebrew bibles book of hosea. And he believed that god was great enough to do it. I read redeeming love based on my best friends constant suggestion to do so. The word of the lord that came to hosea son of beeri during the reigns of uzziah, jotham, ahaz and hezekiah, kings of judah, and during the reign of jeroboam son of jehoash king of israel. This paper proposes a formcritical rereading of hosea based upon synchronic literary criteria. Hoseas love for gomer is only a picture of gods love for israel, because all the while that israel was unfaithful to god, he was providing for them, and they took his blessings and used them for their idol worship. This book was loosely based on the story of hosea and gomer in the bible.

Redeeming love by francine rivers is a true love story based on. The story is inspired by the book of hosea from the bible. Gomer in the bible was the unfaithful wife of hosea the prophet. Gomer became an inspiration to hoseas life every time he looked at her, he was reminded of gods love. Gomer was the daughter of diblaim, of whom nothing is known other than that the name is possibly of foreign origin. From the book of hosea and millions of other books are. Francine rivers 1991 novel redeeming love tells the story of a prostitute named angel in the 1850s american west, based on the story of gomer. The first part of hosea records the tragic story of the prophets unhappy marital experiences. We do well to recall the story, especially given the continue reading the story of hosea and what it teaches about god and holy matrimony.

A brief outline of the concepts presented in the book of hosea exist below. An alternate reading of the book suggests that god had hosea marry another woman besides gomer, with hosea being an example of god and his two wives being an example of both judah and israel. The book is based on the story of hosea and gomer in the bible. The possible compromise of hosea and gomer is dealt with as a cheerful representation for the inevitable compromise amongst yahweh and israel. Account of hoseas marriage with gomer biographically which is a metaphor for the relationship with yhwh and israel. There was a great emphasis on letting go of what god has forgiven and truly being a new person. Hosea must have cried out to god, shes thrown my love away. Undying love the story of hosea and gomer the calendar on the wall indicated that it was about 760 years before jesus was born. There is no way of knowing whether gomer was already a common prostitute, a temple prostitute, or if she became a prostitute after they were married. We are currently reading from the book of the prophet hosea at daily mass.

Book of hosea bible study the story of hosea and gomer. Most commentators today understand the unnamed woman in hosea 3 to be gomer of hosea 1. I will pour out my rage on them like a torrential flood. Why every christian woman should read redeeming love. Past scholarship generally argues that the book of hosea articulates a message of judgment against israel in three basic parts, hosea. He must have moved to judah and written his book before that event. A retelling of the biblical love story of gomer and hosea, set against the romantic backdrop of the california gold rush. The metaphor of marriage in hosea leif fredheim go, marry a promiscuous woman and have children with her, for like an adulterous wife this land is guilty of unfaithfulness to the lord hosea 1. Everything she didnt say by jane kirkpatrick historical fiction about carrie. From the book of hosea and over one million other books are available for amazon kindle. May 03, 2017 as indicated by the books account, the connection amongst hosea and his unfaithful spouse gomer is tantamount to the connection amongst yahweh and his unfaithful individuals israel. This is a presentation on the book of hosea in the bible.

This retelling of the biblical story of gomer and hosea set during the time of the california gold rush is now considered by many to be a classic work of christian fiction. The lord used hosea and gomers relationship as an object lesson to show how israel had sinned against him by following other gods and how god remains faithful even when his people dont. Hoseas wife and children when the lord began to speak through hosea, the lord said to him, go, marry a promiscuous woman and have children with her, for like an adulterous wife this land is guilty. See more ideas about fiction, books and books to read. Its their struggle she finds it hard to turn away from the life she has always known and basically born into. Gomer is a prostitute and hosea is a godly man told to marry her. Hosea and gomers story is the story of god and israel. When we found ourselves stuck in chains we never intendedchains of insecurity, discontentment or feargod freed us. This is my first bible fic and it comes from the book of hosea.

Upon reaching sacramento while looking for work she again meets joseph hochschild, who has built his new store, and she stays with him, knowing that. This retelling of the biblical story of gomer and hosea set during the time of the. According to the superscription, hosea began his prophetic activity during the reign of jeroboam ii c. The price is high when he must sing a song of ruin over everything in lyrics written with his life and lose his children and his wife. Michael card has a song called song of gomer on his album the word. She will give birth to three children and leave her husband. Mesu andrews hosea has been charged by god with a difficult taskmarry a prostitute in order to show gods people the nature and depth of his love for israel. See more ideas about hosea and gomer, book of hosea and john michael talbot. Rivers novel, the main character, angel based on gomer is constantly being told. Adapted from the book of hosea in the bible, we journey with gomer, a harlot lost in her sin until hosea, a prophet of god, offers to marry her and redeem her life from darkness. Bible commentaries speculate that this book in the ot may be an allegory about the lord hosea and the rebellious nation of israel gomer. Redeeming love, by francine rivers is a historical romance novel set in the 1850s gold rush in california. A novel a redemptive, characterdriven, contemporary. Hosea wanted to see gomer restored to his side as his faithful wife.

Hosea and gomer s story is the story of god and israel. Hosea has been charged by god with a difficult taskmarry. It happened in western illinois but it may have happened right here, in long point and flanagan, as well. A skillful retelling of the biblical story of gomer and hosea. This christian fiction book was absolutely the best book that i have ever read.

Jeroboam ii was on the throne of the northern kingdom of israel, and his military exploits had extended israels borders farther than they had been since the days of solomons glorious kingdom. Redeeming love by francine rivers goodreads share book. The story of the prophet hoseas troubled marriage is a powerful testimony to two things. The standard opinion that gomer was a prostitute is based on misleading translations of eshet zenunim in 1. But of course the real story of this book isnt the story of hosea and gomer, its the story of god and israel. It is the best romance novel and is written with such detail that you could paint vivid pictures of the characters and settings in your mind as you read. Hosea and gomer christian sermon by aaron mcrae on scandalous series. Hosea s wife, gomer, whom he married in good faith, proved to be an adulterous woman. Estonian writer ain kalmus 1950 novel prophet tells the tragic love story of gomer and hosea. The princes of judah are like those who move boundary markers. Dec 31, 20 why hosea married gomer ask a bible teacher. Book of hosea, also spelled osee, the first of 12 old testament books that bear the names of the minor prophets, considered as one book, the twelve, in the jewish canon.

The book of hosea stands first in the division of the bible called the book of the twelve in the apocrypha cf. The story is based on the book of hosea in the holy bible. Hosea learned what its like to love someone in spite of their faults, and again, thats what every marriage is about loving someone in spite of their faults. One day word came by way of the grapevine gossips that gomer had been deserted by her lover. In short, hosea had to demonstrate, through his love for gomer, the kind of love god felt for israel. Prason shared this presentation in a bible study for a group of scripture thirsty souls. The story of hosea and gomer sermon by richard jumper, hosea. The basics are that hosea is a prophet that god tells to go and marry a prostitute.

Why should i have to buy back what is already mine. Three children were born to her, but they were not hosea s. Hosea used to say, its hard to be a seer, and prophet bard. I got a lot more than i bargained for as i knew the story about god telling him to marry a promiscuous woman but not all that it entailed. For this very reason, the biblical book of hosea has frustrated and intrigued scholars for over two millennia. The incredible scandal of gods perfect love found in hosea. When we, like gomer, were enslaved, god bought us back. She had sold herself into slavery and had hit bottom.

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