Star trek season 2 episode 1 amok time

Its an episode all about spock, who doesnt love that. Best star trek tv episodes a list of 39 titles created 07 jan 2017 star trek classics a list of 22 titles created 04 apr 2015 see all related lists. As a result, the entire episode plays out as if the whole thing was all just a dream spock is ill with space fever, and the fight between him and kirk is a hallucination, which is kind of. Amok time was the 34th episode produced of star trek. Spock explains to them that vulcans are married as children with the understanding that they will fulfill this commitment when they become adults.

It is the 30th aired episode of the series and first aired on friday evening on nbc on september 15th, 1967. A star trek voyage tos s02e01 amok time michael mercy. In the throes of his pon farr mating period, spock must return to vulcan to meet his intended future wife, betrothed from childhood. The orville season 2 episode 1 the second season of the original star trek began with the famous episode amok time, in which mr. What made the fight in amok time dramatically interesting, he stated, is that it took place between kirk and spock. It was novelized in star trek 3 by james blish and adapted as the last of 12 fotonovels in 1978. Mccoy concludes that spock is experiencing a potentially lethal internal distress.

Spock acting oddly and demonstrating an uncharacteristically short temper. Opinionated star trek episode guide returns with a look at the season 2 opener, wherein spock has an embarrassing problem, and takes it out on his soup. Watch star trek 21 amok time power girl on dailymotion. Our best look into the hidden life of the vulcans gets remastered. One of the most famous episodes of the original star trek series, amok time finds the normally logical, restrained mr. Amok time is a perfect start to the season because it consolidates the relations between kirk, spock and mccoy and continues to develop the star trek mythology, this time with a focus on vulcans, their traditions, and their power structure. A vulcan ship was named the tpau, according to the tng episode unification i. Spock must go to vulcan in order to perform the vulcan mating ritual. Mccoy concludes that spock is experiencing a potentially lethal.

Amok time is the first episode of season two of the science fiction television series star trek. Spock undergoes the vulcan mating ceremony air date. In 2015, syfy ranked this episode as one of the top ten essential star trek original series. The german dub infamously completely changed the plot to remove all sexual references, as over there, they think star trek is a kids show. Season 2, episode 34 amok time season 2, episode 33 who mourns for adonais. Season 2, episode 1 amok time theodore sturgeon wrote this memorable episode in which spock falls victim to pon farr, the vulcan mating urge, and challenges kirk in ritual battleto the death. This is the best of the tng movies, loaded with humor. The original series screencaps amok time season 2, episode 1 171 screencaps online episode details. Dinosaurs are the bestest season 2, episode 34 amok time. Sfx video wmv new and old enroute to altair vi a close shot of the enterprise young tpring in orbit of vulcan entering the.

Although it was the fifth episode of the season produced, the fact that amok time was the first episode to air meant that it introduced audiences to the character of chekov. Mccoy notices that spock is growing restless and has stopped eating. The story was written by theodore sturgeon and directed by joseph pevney. Star trek the original series season 2 episode 1 amok time trailer. First contact 1996 sees the borg going back in time in an effort to prevent first contact between earth and the vulcans. Season 2, episode 32 fridays child season 2, episode 31 metamorphosis. Spock gets a shock when he finds kirk alive and well.

The third season also includes the tholian web, where kirk becomes trapped between universes. Amok time is the first episode of the second season of star trek. Written by science fiction author theodore sturgeon, scored by gerald fried, and directed by joseph pevney, it first aired on september 15, 1967. Star trek the original series season 2 episode 1 amok time. Amok time book, a possibly unseen prop book titled after the namesake episode, created for star trek.

This weeks episode of syfy warehouse once again dipped into the world of trek for a gag, this time with the gerald frieds classic fight music from star treks amok time. With william shatner, leonard nimoy, deforest kelley, celia lovsky. Insurrection 1998 delivers the message that it is not acceptable to relocate people from their native lands. There wasnt a lot of information about vulcans and their culture in season 1, other than some personal information about spock, so we were at the edge of our seats when this episode started season two.

When spock exhibits irrational behavior from pon farr, the enterprise heads to vulcan for help. I dont know everything about star trek, but i am terribly hermione about information and behindthescenes stuff, so ill probably look stuff up and include some of that as well. The last episode of the series, turnabout intruder, aired on june 3, 1969, but star trek would eventually return to television in animated form. A rather blatant attempt to cash in on the success of the monkees, the only show to get more fan mail than star trek, chekov was a character who added a bit more. Plus, chekov appears and scotty vanishes, although possibly. Mirror,mirror is a great pirate episode and the cast all get great airtime. Deforest kelley now has a much deserved also starring credit in the opening titles, and the episode name gets listed along with the writer. Watch star trek season 2 episode 1 amok time online now. Movie details amok time is the second season premiere episode of the original science fiction television series star trek.

Take a look around, get acquainted with the placesettle in for the long haul. Amok time and journey to babel reveal a lot to the st novice are there any, after 50 years on tv. Discovery amok time fotonovel, the fotonovelization of the namesake episode this is a disambiguation page. After he throws a bowl of soup at nurse chapel, kirk insists on an answer and spock reveals that he is in the early stages of pon farr, the vulcan time of mating that occurs once every seven years. Amok time written by theodore sturgeon directed by joseph pevney season 2, episode 5 production episode 60334 original air date. Spock has reached this time, the pon farr, and if he doesn. The classic tale of spocks feverish vulcan mating urge and mortal combat with kirk features a host of new artwork for the remastered edition that adds vistas of the hot planet never before seen. A time for war a time for peace star trekstar trek the next generationstar. Top 15 star trek episodes as ranked by imdb users a list of 15 images updated 19 may 2016 create a list. Star trek episodes were aired way out of production order during all three seasons. When spock begins to exhibit strange, erratic behavior, kirk asks mccoy to conduct a medical examination. Like all episodes from the series, amok time was digitally remastered with upgraded visual effects.

Theodore sturgeon wrote this memorable episode in which spock falls victim to pon farr, the vulcan mating urge, and. Club ranked this episode as one of top ten must see episodes of the original series. Amok time is the second season premiere episode of the american science fiction television series star trek. In 2019, cbr rated season 2 of star trek original series as the second best season of all star trek seasons up to that time, and the best season of the originals three seasons. Amok time memory beta, noncanon star trek wiki fandom. After he throws a bowl of soup at nurse chapel, kirk insists on an answer and spock reveals that he is in the early stages of pon farr, the vulcan time. The original series episodes all episodes listed in chronological order, no summaries. The original series and debuted as shows second season opener on 22 september 1967. As the first ever star trek episode to feature any vulcan characters other than. Director joseph pevney also considered amok time among the highest achievements of the series. Star trek, the original series, season 2, amok time. The original series amok time tv episode 1967 imdb. Already cancelled give their reaction and recap to 2x01 of star trek the original series.

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